Yes, due to the fact that they don’t build up in the body, and you don’t become resistant to them, they can be safely used daily or even several times a day.

The answer is a definite no. Unlike other silvers, this special technology has been proven in professional third-party human ingestion studies to not build up in any system of the body. Don’t try that with ionic silver!

Why can some silvers build up in your body and some can’t… you ask? The metallic core inside our particles is the key to this mystery. Metallic silvers with a crystalline structure have never been shown to cause any build up in the body, in the history of the world. Other forms can, but typically even then it only will cause a problem if you abuse them. 

Either way… no build up here at SilverCeuticals!

Ionic Silver is more like a chemical form of silver, since there is no crystalline metallic structure to the particles. Ionic silver is made up of silver ions which are too small to be scientifically considered either colloidal silver or nano-silver, though many companies selling ionic silver use those terms fraudulently to make themselves look better than they are… a cheap, less effective, and less stable form of silver.

The particles inside SilverCeuticals Technology are different from most others in the market in multiple ways. First, they are actually nano-silver since they average 5 to 7 nanometers in size. (if the size is less than 1nm they would better be measured with another form of measurement… ie. you wouldn’t typically measure a golf ball in feet or meters, but rather centimeters or inches). Second, it is actually a colloid, and hence a colloidal silver by scientific definition. Lastly, and most importantly, our silver has a metallic core with a special coating of thousands of silver-oxide particles around the outside. This structure, and the frequency it emits, create a more safe, more stable, and far more effective form of silver than any other different silver technology on the market.

That depends on how you look at it. Our silver doesn’t directly alter your immune system. Instead, it works like the immune system's backup and works alongside it. If your immune system isn’t struggling so much under its workload, your immune system could improve over all, and that has happened in some studies of this silver technology. 

Like all medical issues, it is best to discuss this with your healthcare professional. Though our research suggests that there is little to no risk in using both together. Our silver won’t counteract the immunosuppressant, since it doesn’t affect the immune system directly, but rather acts as backup. In some ways, it may be especially beneficial for people on immunosuppressants to take something that acts like a backup to the immune system since they tend to be in greater danger of falling ill.

When taken internally the research shows that it leaves the body within 24 hours with no build up. This means you can rest easy knowing it goes in, does its job, then departs.

There have been more than 400 major third-party scientific reports that have been published on the Technology inside SilverCeuticals. Those reports consist of thousands of individual tests, and test series. Many companies promote studies about silver that don’t apply to their particular type of silver (there are several types), but these studies are all done on this technology specifically, and it’s effectiveness and safety.

What you want:

-You want the particles to have a metallic crystalline structure, so they don’t build up in your body (solid metallic particles never do build up). 

-You want a nano-silver because that is the typical size of effective metallic particles with a crystalline structure, and they are still small enough to do the work efficiently. 

-You want it to have the special coating of silver-oxide around the outside of the particle, because it makes it so the particle keeps working again and again until it leaves your body (rather than the one-and-done of ionic silver). 

-You want it to have a resonant frequency that vibrates at the correct wavelength so it can be effective from a distance, without harming any human tissue.

What you DON’T want:

-An ionic silver, which is a one-and-done silver particle that also may build up in your body over time. 

-A ‘mild silver protein’ because this is basically a form of ionic silver that they have actually made more stable, but also made LESS effective and LESS active in the process. 

-If they won’t tell you what kind of silver it is, it may be wise to stay away. 

-If they can’t provide research that was completed by a reputable THIRD-PARTY laboratory on their specific silver technology for both safety and effectiveness, you may wish to avoid their products. 

-If they don’t understand their own silver technology, or struggle to explain it, you may wish to avoid that as well because you don’t know what you’re actually buying.

-If they claim to be nano-silver but the particles have a particle size of less than 1 nanometer (nm), for example 0.5nm, or any other decimal of less than 1 full nanometer, it is not nano-silver. That is like measuring a sandwich in miles.

It uses the power of multiple types of hyaluronic acid to drive our unique silver particles and the moisture deeper into the tissue. It also contains unique sonicated marine collagen peptides that lend their expertise as well.

This serum also helps promote natural healing of the skin, and we all know that skin issues can make the skin look older.

The most important ingredient in this serum is our unique silver technology. Our silver has been shown to help promote natural healing of the skin with a safety record that is unparalleled. Along with that, the water that carries the silver particles is EXTREMELY pure. This helps it to not irritate the tissue unlike some other serums on the market.

It also contains two types of potent Hyaluronic acid, as well as sonicated collagen peptides to hydrate and assist, while also driving the silver particles in deeper for even better results.

Our Serum contains the finest marine sourced collagen peptides that are sonicated through a unique and powerful process.

Hyaluronic acid is commonly found in the most expensive facial serums, because of its innate ability to drive moisture more deeply into the skin. Our Facial Serum contains both a high dalton and low dalton hyaluronic acid so you get the benefits of both, as one of them pulls into the skin quicker, and the other stays in the skin longer.

Viruses hide inside your normal human cells, taking them over and basically turning them into little virus factories. Our technology works alongside your immune system, though our technology won't harm the normal human cells they are taking refuge in. For this reason, and others, it generally takes longer for your immune system to kill a virus.

Yes, due to the fact that they don’t build up in the system, and you don’t become resistant to them, they can be safely used daily or even several times a day.

You should always consult with your healthcare professional before mixing products with medications, however... in general, yes you can. We have research that suggests no negative interaction between our silver products and antibiotics or vaccinations. In fact, some products may become more effective at what they do when used alongside our silver technology.