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Active Defense Nano Silver+ Immune Support

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This Extra Strength 32 ppm supplement is over 3X stronger than our daily use 10 ppm formula, and is designed to be used when you are under the weather or feel your immune system is in need of extra support. With unmatched safety, efficacy, and hundreds of public 3rd party studies and test series on this technology, you can rest assured you are getting nothing but the best support for your immune system.

Unlike traditional colloidal silver products, its triple-action particles continuously work for you, and are excreted from the body within about 24 hours with no residual silver build up


32ppm Unique Triple Action Nano Silver Particles


Adults- Take 1 teaspoon, up to 3 times per day

Children- Take 1/2 teaspoon, once per day


Nano Silver Solution (deionized water, 99.99% pure silver in unique nano silver particle structure)


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Customer Reviews

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Dawn F
Great immunity support

I work with students, and typically cannot make it through the winter without a chronic cough and numerous cold symptoms. Since using Nano-Silver, I have gotten rid of my chronic cough and have now gone over 2 months with no cold symptoms (which during winter is a first for me), thanks to my daily usage of Nano-Silver.

Janice Rappleye
I love this.

I use this for so many things. Rashes, wounds. I take it any time I am going to travel or be in a group of people and any time I think I’m coming down with something. I also use it to freshen up dairy products, wash vegetables or put in my pets water. The list goes on.The negative side of this product is running out of it, I hate that!

Gerald VanDeurzen
Day One

My sister, a great researcher on health products, bought me the toothpaste, 32ppm intense use, and the 10ppm daily maintenance. After her research, she just ordered me the products which came today. I started with the intensive 35ppm dose and the toothpaste today and am excited to see any changes. I've been aware of the benefits of silver for many years but hadn't ever tried it. This product presents itself as a very well-made product. I'm not scientifically trained, so the appearance is my reference. As far as health from silver, I've read of its antibacterial antiviral properties. Again, this is more than a decade ago, probably two. I think the point that stuck with me best was the health of centuries ago. When poor used pewter plates and silverware, a lead type product, and wealthier used silver, their health seemed higher and was reported longer lifespan for those not using pewter and using silver. There's an obvious or two situations to consider, yes wealthy probably had better everything including food. Possibly, but no one had refrigeration and all ate from basically the same market. Another being that lead-based has proven to be unhealthy as well, can't disagree. The thing to consider is this: keep lead out-your mouth and skin and keep silver in it.


Anyone who knows the science behind this and the effectiveness will not go another day without having it in their home and as part of their regimen. These products are a lifesaver.