Expiration of Colloidal Silver

Expiration of Colloidal Silver

Let’s take a quick minute to discuss the expiration of colloidal silver products and focus on the two most common types of colloidal silver products on the market – ionic silver and nano-silver.  We will talk about several factors that affect the expiration, including the size, stability, temperature, and packaging of silver.  So let’s dive in and discuss these factors at play.

Size and Stability

The size of a silver particle can have a direct effect on its stability.  And how does the stability affect the expiration of these different types of silver products?

One advantage of nano-silver is its stability in water compared to ionic silver, which can quickly fall out of suspension with time. By nature, nano-sized particles are more stable than ions in a water solution.  SilverCeuticals’ nano-silver particles are between 5-10 nanometers in size, which gives these particles the ideal size for stability. With ionic silver, the ions are too small (less than 1 nano-meter) and can naturally settle out of solution due to instability.  The nano-silver particle size helps ensure that it remain in suspension for long periods.

Some companies will try to overcome the instability of ionic silver by bonding the small silver ions to something nano in size like a protein chain to help make it more stable (called a silver protein).  Unfortunately this bonding of the silver and protein mucks up the function of the silver, making it less effective. Simply put, they can help prevent ionic silver from falling out of solution as easily by bonding it to something bigger, but it comes at the cost of sacrificing effectivity.

Size isn’t the only factor to stability though.  How the silver interacts with the water in which it is suspended is important as well.  The nano-silver used by SilverCeuticals is not just suspended, but actually semi-bound to the water molecules which contributes to its long-term stability.  This semi-bound state of SilverCeuticals’ nano-silver comes from the silver sharing oxygen molecules with the water. This sharing between the silver and the water helps give the nano-silver its permanence in the solution. 

So, what does this mean for the expiration of nano-silver products compared to ionic silver products?  The stability of the silver is critical to the expiration of the product.  It isn’t that the silver goes bad.  It’s a matter of whether it remains in suspension and whether it’s maintaining potency.  Again, it’s not about the silver particles going bad.  What’s at play is whether or not you are getting the same concentration of silver that you originally purchased.  If the silver is unstable and falls out of solution with time, then you are left with a solution that has lost potency by losing the silver.  


But wait a second, the packaging affects the expiration of silver too?! That’s correct. Silver supplements stored in glass containers are not as stable as those stored in high quality plastic containers. This is because glass has a different charge compared to silver, and as such, it can adsorb the silver from solution.  This means silver liquids stored in glass leads to the depletion of silver in the product.  Thus, if your silver liquid is stored in glass, as time passes that glass is robbing you of your silver.


Temperature can also play an important factor in the stability of silver.  One great advantage of this nano-silver in SilverCeuticals’ products is that it remains stable even after boiling or freezing.  This is a stark contrast to ionic silver which is prone to fall out of solution when introduced to extreme temperatures.  The stability of SilverCeuticals nano-silver allows it to be utilized in a wide variety of products, including some that may require more extreme temperatures to manufacture.

To sum it all up for you, several factors affect the expiration of a liquid colloidal silver product.  The type of silver, it’s size, interaction with the solution, and how it is stored all play critical roles in maintaining the concentration, potency, and efficacy of a colloidal silver.  SilverCeuticals nano-silver gives you the best bang for your buck hands down.   This nano-silver technology is shown through testing to last at least 16 years with no degeneration when stored in a high quality plastic bottle.  Do yourself a favor, and don’t settle for other silvers that will slowly rob you of the silver you purchase with your hard-earned money.

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